Officers & Directors

  • Dan Kovach
  • Laura Wieczezak
    Executive Director
    Environmental Health Investigations
  • Jesse Smith
    Chairman & Director
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Tom Eastman
    Vice-Chairman & Director
  • Jerry J. Killian
    Ferriera Construction
  • Stephen W. Bialkowski, Esq.
    General Counsel
    Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC
  • Patricia Hering-Ray
    Secretary and Administrator
    Construction Roundtable of New Jersey

Board Members

  • Bruce Messina
    Board Member
    Holt Construction Company
  • Michael N. Posner
    Scholarship Committee
  • Bob Sagendorf
    Safety Committee
    Eii, Inc.
  • Eddie Alonso
    Membership Committee
  • Chad Sorrell
    Membership Committee
    Scirocco Insurance
  • Tom Kowalyk
    Past Chairman
    Johnson & Johnson

Past Board Member and Board Utilization Committee Chairman

  • Gus Pushparaj
    In Memory Of Gus Pushparaj