2020 Scholarship Information

Dear CRTNJ Members and Supporters:

This is the time of year when we are usually, happily inviting all our members and supporters to our Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner. In fact, we were well into the planning for this year’s Dinner at Johnson & Johnson’s World Headquarters when the Covid-19 Corona virus raised its ugly head and has now caused the CRTNJ and, as well as, many other organizations to alter plans for major gatherings. The health and safety of our members, supporters and the public in general, is paramount and our actions are based on proceeding with that in mind. As such, the dinner we were planning for early May is being cancelled.

While the cancellation of the Dinner is certainly disappointing, we still believe that now, perhaps more than ever, scholarships are an extremely important part of the means of helping students pay for their college educations. So, we are still asking for your help to enable the CRTNJ to maintain its continuous string of offering scholarships as we have done for the last 20 years. You have all been so wonderfully generous in the past and we hope you can see your way clear to make a donation one more time even without of the lure of the lovely evening at Johnson & Johnson we’ve all enjoyed so much in the past.

Last year, we awarded five two-year scholarships at $5,000 each. We had the generous support of sponsors and donors at all levels to enable the awards. So, again, we are asking for your support. As we did last year, for those willing to donate a full scholarship stipend of $5,000, we will attach your name to the student as their sponsor for the student’s two years. For a donation of $2,500, we will attach your name to an individual student jointly with another $2,500 sponsor to round out the $5,000 for the student’s two years. Of course, we will enthusiastically accept donations at any level to maximize the number of scholarships we can award. Please use the attached simple donation form to send in your donation at your earliest convenience.

We know that being in school, studying while faced with expenses present difficult times for students and now in the time of the Coronavirus, even more difficult with looming economic dislocations.   The cause is an important one that gives us all an opportunity to give back to the community and promote the growth of our industry while helping provide our industry’s future leaders.

We hope in in the face of cancellation of the Dinner, we will still have your support for which we thank you in advance.

Sincerely, Daniel J. Kovach and Michael N. Posner


2020 Donation form:  (click below) - For CRTNJ Members and Sponsors:

2020 Scholarship Donation Form NE  


Students:  Click Below for 2020 Scholarship Application: 

CRTNJ Scholarship Application 2020 FOR NJIT.docx

Please note:  The 2020 CRTNJ Application can be filled out online and will be sent electronically to Darlene LaMourt at NJIT.  All other correspondence can be emailed or mailed to Darlene at: 


Darlene LaMourt, Development & Alumni Relations

New Jersey Institute of Technology

323 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102

973-596-3403 (o)   




We value your support and you may provide it in several ways:

  1. Make a Sponsorship Donation
  2. Make a Donation at any Level

Thank you to all our members, sponsors and guests who constribute to our Scholarship Fund. We hope you will show your support by giving a donation. 

We know these are difficult economic times (especially for our students), but the cause is an important one that gives us all an opportunity to give back to our community and promote the growth of our industry and help provide our industry’s future leaders.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Michael N. Posner, 
Chairman, Scholarship Committee



Awards are available to students enrolled in a New Jersey County or Community College or other college who have been accepted at, and are planning to attend, a New Jersey four-year college or university and will be enrolled as a first semester junior standing (equivalent credit hours). Applicants must be studying a construction-related field (i.e. engineering, architecture, construction management and/or design, etc.)


To be considered for a Construction Roundtable of New Jersey Scholarship, a student must have their application received by deadline date and meet the following criteria:

  • Enrolled at a New Jersey County or Community College or other college and accepted as a first semester junior standing or equivalent credit hours in a New Jersey four-year college or university.
  • Pursuing a degree in a construction-related field (engineering, architecture, construction management and/or design).
  • Possess a minimum of 3.0 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Be interested in pursuing a career in the construction industry.
  • Be a U.S citizen or eligible to work in the U.S.

NOTE: Scholarship recipients will be required to submit progress reports at the end of each academic year.


Funds supporting this effort have come from the following sources:

  • Corporate Contributions & Individual Contributions
  • Fundraising Events
 Spring Fundraiser Event
 Annual Golf Outing
 Trade Associations


The CRT has formed a scholarship committee of owner and associate members. The Chairman of the committee is responsible for working with the New Jersey Institute of Technology and other educational colleges and universities as the administrator of the scholarship program. The committee is responsible for screening scholarship applications, evaluating applicants and selecting recipients.

The criteria that the committee evaluates includes:

  • Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • Academic Achievements (Awards, certificates of achievement etc.)
  • Applicant's Statement
  • Letter of Reference from faculty member
  • Official community college transcript through most recently completed semester
  • Employment history

Past Scholarship Recipients

2015-2016 Scholarship Recipients and Mike Posner, Scholarship Chair


Click here for the full recipient list


Michael Posner 
CRTNJ Scholarship Chairperson