Coming Soon: Lunch and Learn Series – Series 1- Insurance Market Update

  1. Insurance Market Update – Preparing for a Success 2021 Renewal – March 19, 2021

Insurance is typically the second largest business expense for organizations behind payroll.  As the insurance marketplace continues to be a challenge it is more important to develop a plan.  Documenting the details of your operation, safety programs, telematics, growth to create a submission that sells your business has become critical. 


  1. Claim Management and Alternative Funding Solutions – April, 2021

Claims happen to even the safest organizations and they impact productivity as well as costs.  It is important to have a documented process to report and manage any claims to produce the best outcome.  As you build a safer organization and reduce claims it may be a good time to consider alternative funding solutions that allow you to take more control of your insurance – loss sensitive or captive solutions may be attractive options.


  1. Employee Engagement Can Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity – May, 2021

Attracting and retaining top talent is important to all businesses but many don’t have a strategy to accomplish the objective.  Employee benefits have proven to contribute to engagement which increase productivity and can reduce commercial insurance costs.