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The CRT of NJ has been in existence for more than 40 years and is the only professional organization that focuses on the needs of New Jersey Construction project owners. Our Mission is to make NJ construction more competitive in the national and global marketplace, provide Members with a variety of robust presentations, workshops and forums to both educate and stay current on developing technologies, regulations, legislation, and industry best practices.

CRT of NJ brings together corporations, design firms, contractors, subcontractors, construction managers, professional service firms, trade associations and labor representatives to regularly discuss and better understand how we can collaboratively work together, in a win-win environment, to address and resolve those issues that impede growth and profitability of the construction industry as well as provide a competitive environment for companies to grow and prosper.

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Holt Construction Corp. is a full service Construction Management and General Contracting firm offering an extensive range of services in the NY, NJ and PA metro areas and beyond.

Founded in 1919 by Fred L. Holt, Holt Construction is celebrating over 97 years in business with
our 3rd and 4th generations of Holt family leadership. Holt thrives on its reputation as a quality construction company that maintains its core values and “family” atmosphere while providing the best services to our clients. Integrity, harmony and communication are the true keys to our successful leadership and project management approach.

We are headquartered in Pearl River and have offices in New York, Philadelphia, Manhattan, Newark, Boston, and Houston. Diversity is our specialty and we take pride in managing the complete process! Our extensive project portfolio and repeat clients are testament to our ability to be the best in each market we endeavor to serve. Holt has instilled comprehensive and sustainable methods that simply identify the critical needs of our clients that puts them forever first! We combine our expert Construction Management and General Contracting services to provide you with less risk and improved control over cost and schedule. We deliver projects on-time and on-budget. We serve and partner with a full range of client who depend on our reliable track record.

The family we call Holt Construction Corp. is held tightly together by the glue that is our people. The bright stars of our business all embrace the same enduring qualities that our core values emit. These trusted employees are knowledge seekers and exude professionalism on every level. Our project teams are formed for your specific project and our team’s experience, training and backgrounds have allowed us to work within the most sensitive markets, including data centers, Class A secure buildings, airports as well as the pharmaceutical industry for over 80 years. Many of Holt’s employees have been with the company for over 25 years. A true indication of our particular core values and business approach.

Safety Is A Culture… Not A Clause

Our track record and immensely rigorous safety procedures will ensure every soul within the project arena including the general public will arrive home safely each day to their families and loved ones.

Holt Construction Corp. complies with OSHA Safety Guidelines. As such, our Corporate Safety Officer modifies each project safety program, taking into account site specific job conditions that need to be recognized and migrated to protect both our workers  and the general project. 

Even before Safety was in fashion, Holt Construction Corp. had a time proven track record of Safety Compliance. Our long-term relationship with repeat clientele proves our on-going commitment to this aspect of the construction environment. The markets we serve require a particularly stringent level of safety awareness and adherence to policies, as enforced by their own safety officers, and in some cases government agencies. Our success in completing projects repeatedly confirms the superior level of monitoring we provide for a client throughout a project’s timeline.


Serving the Owners of Construction Since 1970

Upcoming CRTNJ Events

  • Fri

    Breakfast Meeting

    9:00 am(Metuchen Golf & Country Club) 244 Plainfield Road, Edison, NJ

    Topic: Drones in Construction

    Presenter: EWMA

    Note:  “Special Event” Members can bring a one guest “complimentary”.

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  • Fri

    Lunch Meeting

    11:30 am(Stevens Institute of Technology) Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ

    Topic: Construction Management Research

    Presenter: Stevens Construction Management Program

  • Thu

    Holiday Party

    11:30 am(Metuchen Golf & Country Club) 244 Plainfield Road, Edison, NJ

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Below are pictures of the prior Annual Diversity in Construction Conference:

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